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Nanofabrication Facility


Bay 7 | lithography

Accessing our Cleanrooms

To get your own students/employees into the cleanroom, please follow the appropriate link:

The nanofab charges a simple flat-fee for entry into the lab, which covers use of all equipment in the lab. The only exception at this time is the JEOL E-Beam Lithography tool, with separate rates below to cover the service contract.

Use of Main Facility & Equipment (Including Trainings)

Academic: $37.50/hr

Industrial: $139/hr

E-Beam Lithography Equipment Use

Academic: $180/hr

Industrial: $540/hr

Dedicated Staff Support**

Academic: $96/hr

Industrial: $150/hr

* Government labs also qualify for "academic" rates.

* Members of the CNSI Incubator - contact us for rates.

** "Staff Support" is charged when staff performs the work for you, eg."Fabrication Services" (below).

New User Fee (one-time charge, in-person lab access only)

U.C. Academic: $100

Non-U.C. Academic: $155

Industrial: $155


Use our expert cleanroom staff to perform your experimental and prototyping jobs!

We are trained on all the equipment, have experience with a vast array of different fabrication needs, and develop processes for many industrial and academic customers.

A Note on Fabrication Services
  • Any project must first be accepted by our Project Scientists.

  • Work will be billed at the above rates, including both "equipment use" plus "dedicated staff support" time per hour.

We have limited staff and are not a foundry, so we will only accept jobs that we are capable of performing with success. You are billed as if your own employee were using the lab regardless of results – we can provide only a rough estimate of time and cost.  You will work directly with Demis or his staff to schedule the work, if accepted.  There is no guarantee of research results or success in fabrication. We may be able to suggest other ways to get your devices made in our lab.


You will be billed for the Actual time and materials required during the job, billed monthly with payment expected as Net30, regardless of project outcome. Credit card payments are accepted.

Request Remote Fabrication Services:

Submitting "remote" work requires the following three steps:

1.   Submit the project info and description form (download) to Demis D. John and Brian Thibeault

You may email us first to determine feasibility or ask questions.

2.   Nanofab Staff acceptance of project

3.   Return a UCSB Service Agreement (download) signed by your institution

Attachment A - Lists UCSB facilities covered by the agreement.

Only one agreement is needed per institution. Ask us to find out if your inst. already has one in place.