Hitachi Scanning Electron Microscope / S 2400

Equipment Description:
Hitachi Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) / S 2400

Hitachi Instruments, Inc.
3100 N. First St.
San Jose, CA 95134
Phone: (408) 432-0520
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General Information and Usage:

This is a general purpose, 25 kV, diffusion-pumped, tungsten filament-based SEM; it is easy to use and readily accessible. Maximum magnification is 300,000x. Samples, which are usually 'piece parts' less than 2 cm on a side, are generally mounted on a specimen stub with conductive paste or metal clip. Larger pieces such as partial or whole 2-4" wafers my be loaded with user-supplied holders. The specimen stage is non-eusentric (ie. focal point change with stage adjustments), and requires that the chamber be brought to atmosphere for loading / unloading, ie. there is no loadlock. After sample loading and evacuation, high voltage, typically 4-25 kV, can be applied. Focusing can be done manually or with an automatic 'AUTO' mode which is usable up to 1000x. Standard TV and raster scans, reduced area scanning for focus / stigmation and video signal monitoring are available. Console video brightness / contrast can be done automatically with an ABC (AUTO BRIGHTNESS CONTRAST CONTROL) or manually; stigmation is done similarly. Minimum magnification is limited by the sample-to-objective lense working distance (WD): 400x for TV mode @ 6 mm WD and 40x for TV mode @ 34 mm WD. Images may be 'photographed' with either a Sony digitizer with printer or standard Polaroid camera using type 52 film (4" x 5"). The film plane can be split in half to make it possible to photograph two different images in the left and right half of the photograph; stereo images can be produced this way.


Equipment Specifications:

  • Resolution: 10.0 nm
  • Magnification: 20x (WD = 35 mm) - 300,000x
  • Accelerating voltage: 0.3-3 (0.1 kV steps), 4-8 (1 kV steps), 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 22, 25 kV
  • Electronic FOV movement: ±20 microns (WD = 30 mm)
  • Specimen Stage Specifications:
    • Range of Movement X: 0 - 80 mm
    • Range of Movement Y: 0 - 40 mm
    • Range of Movement T: -20 - 90 degrees
    • Range of Movement R: 360 degrees continuous
    • Range of Movement Z: 5 - 35 mm
  • Maximum specimen size: 150 mm
  • Specimen stubs: 15 mm, 60 mm, 125 mm diameter
  • (Note: The range of tolerable movement for the stage is dependent on such factors as the WD, specimen slant angle and stub size)


Special Notes / Additional Comments:

  • The unit has a S-5109 Raster Rotation / Dynamic Focus unit which is used with the CRT video image only in the raster scan mode


Contact Information:

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