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Need a research tool, but would rather not buy it? You can rent it in a new nanofabrication facility with 12,700 ft² of clean room space to work in!

Affordable rates provide you with the tools you need, as well as training and support from our dedicated and knowledgeable staff, that is tailored to your specific research needs.

We support a broad line of lithography, thin-film deposition, reactive ion etching, and characterization tools in support of device fabrication for a variety of materials, including InP, GaAs, GaN, SiC, Si, and other novel materials.

Staff support is available for training, tool fixturing, process consultation, and hands-on work.

Over 40% of our more than 500 per annum user community are from outside academic institutions and industry, doing significant research in our facility.

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Use this process for producing a 1-monolayer thick sticking layer on a surface prior to lithography. This material was designed to improve sticking of resist polymers to silicon oxide.
  1. Clean sample using appropriate lithography cleaning procedure.
  2. Set chuck spin speed to 4 krpm.
  3. Place sample on spinner chuck and pull vacuum.
  4. Coat wafer with HMDS using pipette.
  5. Let HMDS sit in a puddle on the surface for 20 seconds. This is necessary to allow the surface reaction to complete.
  6. Spin sample dry.
  7. Alternatively, place a small open beaker of HMDS along with your sample into an enclosed container and let sit for 20 minutes. This is a vapor coating technique.
  8. To remove an HMDS film, use oxygen plasma or UV-Ozone.