RIE 5: Programmable, Loadlocked Chlorine Based System RIE 5

Equipment Description:
RIE #5 Programmable, Loadlocked Chlorine-Based System

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General Information and Usage:

This computer-controlled, turbo-pumped RIE is the "work horse" of the processing laboratory due to it's ease of operation and versatility. It can be operated manually or in a fully programmable mode from sample loading to etching to sample unloading. Samples are placed on a silicon carrier with or without a bonding agent to facilitate sample cooling. Etching is done with oxygen or chlorine-based gases @ 13.56 Mhz. Oxygen is used for etching of photoresists and polyimide. Chlorine-based gases are used for etching semiconductors and some metals. Typical semiconductor materials that are etched are: AlGaAs, InGaAs, AlGaSb, GaN, and Si. Metals that can be etched include Al, Ti, and thin Pt layers. Good masking materials for the chlorine-based etching are photoresist (at powers < 200 W), Ni, SiO2, and SrF2. The wafer chuck can be heated to 80°C through liquid-based heating. This makes etching of high In-containing compounds difficult due to the non-volatility of In-chlorides. A high physical component (Ar in the mixture) is required for etching of InP and the surface will be contaminated with residual etch products when finished.

Special features include: a true sample loadlock, substrate backside helium cooling, heating up to 80°C, four inch sample holder, HeNe laser etch monitor and chart recorder. Various devices that use this tool as an integral processing step include: in-plane lasers, VCSELs, micro-lenses, Bragg-Fresnel lens, FETs, HBTs, etc.


Detailed Specification:

  • Etch gases include: Cl2, BCl3, SiCl4, O2, Ar
  • Full computer control or manual computer control
  • Low 1 E-7 ultimate chamber pressure
  • 13.56 Mhz excitation frequency
  • Sample chuck He-backside cooled / heated (up to 80°C)
  • Typical etch conditions for GaAs:
    • 10 mT (15 sccm BCl3 / 10 sccm SiCl4)
    • 100 W, constant power
    • 60 nm / min. etch rate


Contact Information:

For additional information regarding the RIE #5 Programmable, Loadlocked Chlorine Based System or if you would like to inquire about using the UCSB Nanofabrication Facility, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.using the telephone number or e-mail address below. 

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