Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) 2011

REU 2011

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School Mentor Faculty

Field of Study

Shahin Ashrafzadeh West Valley College Yan Zheng Larry Coldren Electrical Engineering Design and Characterization of A Multiple-Quantum-Well Laser
Issa Beekun University of Nevada, Reno Jock Bovington John Bowers Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Sub-wavelength Photonic Grating Couplers Using Electron Beam Lithography
Vinh Diep

University of California, San Diego

Bugra Kaytanli Megan Valentine Nanoengineering Nanomechanical Properties of Structured Biopolymer Networks
Dominic Labanowski Ohio State University David Christle David Awschalom Electrical and Computer Engineering Nanoscale Diamond Lenses for Atomic-Scale Sensing
Travis Lloyd Brown University Molly Piels John Bowers Engineering Physics Electrical Properties of the Ge/Si Interface

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