Below are some useful nanotechnology links:



"Based on actual anthropomorphic molecules synthesized in the laboratory, the NanoKids™ visual concept utilizes universally recognized forms exhibiting human characteristics to instruct, motivate, and entertain."



"The NanoSense project is one of a few innovative programs trying to address the question of how to teach nanoscale science at the high school level. Working closely with chemists, physicists, educators, and nanoscientists, the NanoSense team is creating, classroom testing, and disseminating a number of curriculum units to help high school students understand science concepts that account for nanoscale phenomena and integrate these concepts with core scientific ideas in traditional curricula."


National Science Digital Library

"NSDL is the nation's online library for education and research in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics."


California Nanosystems Institute

"We seek to create new interdisciplinary learning opportunities in nanoscale science, engineering and technology for scientists, students, teachers, and the general community. We also aim to integrate the academic and professional success of science and engineering students with researchers in the CNSI community."


UCSB Center for Nanotechnology in Society


Jill Johnsen, Exploratorium Teacher Institute

There are some great labs here!


American Elements

They describe the research and uses of each of the elements, including properties, safety data and applications, e.g. see


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