N-REU Program Dates: June 1–August 8, 2015
N-REU Convocation Dates: August 9–13, 2015




What to pack.

Getting here Click here for details on how to prepare for your trip.

UCSB Campus Map


Your First Day here (Orientation, Tuesday, June 2, 2015) & Research

Click here for more details about the research aspect of your stay here, and what you're expected to do while you're here.



You can live here without a car, no problem. It's fun! Click here to find out how.


Bicycle rentals: Bicycle is your best option. Most people bike here, and we have many dedicated paved bike paths (many of them off road and very beautiful).

IV Bicycle Boutique 880 Embarcadero del Mar, Isla Vista, phone: 805-968-3338

Rental rates are normally:
  • $15/day
  • $40/week
  • $75/5 weeks (depending on available stock)

IV Bicycle Boutique requires a deposit for the full amount of the bicycle, and they accept Visa & MasterCard.

Buyback Program: IV Bicycle Boutique will buy back any bicycle about 25% less than what the you pay for it. So, depending on the bicycle chosen, bikes range in price from $55 to $100 (they are more than often closer to $100) for the entire program. Bike locks will be bought back at 50% of what you pay for it. There is no buyback program for helmets. Helmets cost around $25. If you own a bike helmet, lock, and/or light, please pack them to save money.


Bike map of Santa Barbara County


Taxi Goleta Yellow Cab phone: 805-683-7711

Estimated fares:

  • UCSB to Camino Real Shopping Center (movie theatres, Goleta) = $15.00 (one-way)
  • UCSB to Fairview = $12–15.00 (one-way)
  • UCSB to downtown = $25–30.00 (one-way)


MTD Bus (click here for schedules and routes) Buses frequently stop on campus near the Engineering Buildings. Bus routes go to Goleta and downtown Santa Barbara.

Bus Fare is $1.75; Waterfront and Downtown shuttles are 50 cents.

The Waterfront Shuttle serves Cabrillo Blvd. between the Zoo and the Harbor. The Downtown Shuttle serves State Street between Sola and Mason.


Bill's bus: “Arrive alive; don’t drink and drive.” http://bills-bus.com/ phone: 805-284-BILL

Night-time transportation between Isla Vista and downtown Santa Barbara. This bus is popular and generally very crowded with undergraduates living in Isla Vista, so arrive early.

Fee is around $10.00 round trip, $7 dollars one way. In Isla Vista, they pick up on Embarcadero Del Norte across from Woodstock’s Pizza. In Santa Barbara, they pick up on Cota St. across from the Blue Agave.


Getting around Downtown

  • There are bike "pedicabs" on State St. No set fee, just tips.
  • You can rent a quadricycle (it's like a pedal car, or the Flinstone's car with pedals) and cruise around Cabrillo Street next to the ocean on lower State St.


Getting from the airport to the hotel There is a free shuttle between the airport and the hotel. Just call the hotel when you arrive: (805) 967-3200.


Getting from the hotel to UCSB There is a free shuttle between the hotel and UCSB. Let the front desk know when you'd like to go to UCSB. When you're ready to return, please call: (805) 967-3200.



If you must bring your car, you will need to buy a parking permit to park on UCSB campus. All interns' names are on the Education Programs list at UCSB Parking Services—ask them for a C parking permit. The parking services staff will show you on a campus map where you can park.  Do not park illegally on campus, even for 10 minutes, you will get a ticket. Monthly permits are available for $56 and are valid for 30 days from date of purchase. Quarterly permits are available for $113 and are valid from June 20 to September 16, 2012.

Since you are all living in the Santa Ynez Apartments, right off campus, I will reserve a parking permit for you to park in the Santa Ynez apartment parking lot if you tell us if you are bringing your car.


Where You'll Sleep

For your first two weeks here, June 1 – June 19, you will stay at the Best Western South Coast Inn.  A free breakfast (eggs, waffles, etc.) is from 6:00 am –10:00 am daily. There is a heated pool, juzzi, ping pong, and free wi-fi. There is a free shuttle between the airport and the hotel as well as UCSB and the hotel 7:30 am – 10:00 pm every 30 minutes by request: (805) 967-3200.


You will stay in the Santa Ynez Apartments from June 20 to August 9. When you live in the apartment, you are responsible for your own meals. The furnished apartments are 2-bedroom (2 students per room, 4 students per apartment).

The apartments are located on "Storke/Santa Ynez Campus” at the intersection of El Colegio and Los Carneros Roads (20 minute walk or a 10 minute bike ride to campus). 



There is a Costco and an Albertson's grocery store not too far from the Santa Ynez apartments. Trader Joe's and other grocery stores nearby the Best Western. All of which are accessible via walking, bus, bike or you can make friends with someone with a car.

You can have organic farmer's market fruits and vegetables delivered to your apartment through Plow to Porch Organics. I've used this service before and it is very good. I suggest a Family box for an apartment with 4 people in it. I recommend that you email them and let them know when you will leave the apartment and pay them up front only for the time that you would like your food delivered.

Or you can go to the farmers' market to pick out your own food (highly recommended) There is a farmers' market on UCSB's campus on Wednesdays.



The apartments will not collect mail, so if you think you’ll receive mail during your 10-week stay here, you’ll need to rent a P.O. box. To rent one, go to the post office at the University Center (UCEN for short, M–F, 9 am–4 pm) and pay in cash or by check (no credit cards). Cost: $15/quarter + $5 key deposit which they will get back if key is returned. The P.O. Box system will also work for packages.

If you rent a PO box, please have all mail addressed to:
Your Name
PO Box Number, UCSB
University of California, Santa Barbara
Goleta, CA 93117



You will receive part of the stipend up front ($1500) at orientation the day you arrive. The other $3500 you will receive when you have reached various milestones. Internship stipends will be in four installments:

  • one at the beginning of the summer program ($1500)
  • one each during week 3 and 6 of the summer program ($1250+$1250)
  • the final at the end of the summer program ($1000) when Melanie-Claire receives your PI-approved report.

Taxes will NOT be withheld from stipend checks. Your stipends will be coded as an educational student stipend so they will not be reported to the IRS by UCSB and you should NOT receive a 1099 or W2. It will be your own responsibility to report this income to the IRS.

ATM Machines

Isla Vista: Bank of America on Embarcadero del Norte and Pardall (across from Steak and Hoagies, next to IV Drip); Wells Fargo on Pardall next to Angry Wings. There is also a Chase branch next to the Bank of America ATMs.

On UCSB Campus: Washington Mutual on side of UCEN, across from the Music Building; Wells Fargo at UCEN, inside main lobby, and outside near the general store; Bank of America outside of the Arbor.

Camino Real Marketplace (Storke and Hollister) and Calle Real Shopping Center (Calle Real between Fairview and Patterson).


Recreation Center/Gym

The UCSB RecCen costs $80 for the whole summer.


Medical Care

Student Health is available for urgent, but not emergency medical care. Student Health can provide for summer program participants who are not registered summer sessions students and 16 years or older. Services also include auxiliaries such as laboratory, x-ray and pharmacy. It is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am-4:30 pm. All services are on a fee-for-service basis and payment is required at the time of service via Mastercard or VISA only. You would be charged $70 for each appointment. If you come in, please let the person scheduling the appointment know you are with the NNIN REU program. Here is a list of emergency rooms, urgent care clinics, and pharmacies.


Library Cards

Give the UCSB Library circulation desk your name and the program name (NNIN REU), and they will give you a library loan card.


Fun things to do

Santa Barbara visitor center (fun things to see & do, maps, images)

What's on for this week: check out the calendar in the Independent.

Beaches, what to bring, and hours. If you get oil on your feet from the Goleta/IV beaches, rub vegetable oil (or any type of oil) onto it first, then use soap and water to get it off.

Here are the movie theaters, listings, times, and locations.

Isla Vista: located just west of UCSB campus. Food, markets, surf shop, book store, cafes. All stores are located on lower loop of Embarcadero del Mar and Embarcadero del Norte. Over 21: The Study Hall: 6543 Pardall, Dublins: 910 Embarcadero Del Norte / Over 18: Java Jones: 6560 Pardall (sometimes live music and poetry).

Goleta: Calle Real Shopping Center (Calle Real between Fairview and Patterson). Restaurants, shops, bowling alley (Zodo’s -- there's 2 happy hours for those over 21), markets, banks, drugstores. Recommended eats: Sushi Teri (Japanese), Fresco North Cafe.

Camino Real Marketplace – CostCo, Home Depot, restaurants, and a movie theater. Most of the eateries here are quite good, especially Kahuna Grill and Hollister Brewing Co. (great tap house for over 21)

Old Town Goleta – funky little shops, restaurants. On Hollister, east of Fairview. Recommended eats: The Natural Café (offers vegetarian), Hamburger Habit. Over 21: The Mercury Lounge: 5871 Hollister, Old Town Tavern (OTT): 712 West Figueroa Street.

Downtown Santa Barbara State Street is where it’s at! Lower State (Cota to the Pier) has most of the night club scene, and some restaurants. State street above Cota has most of the restaurants and shops.

Outdoor Shopping Mall: Paseo Nuevo (State and Ortega to Carrillo).

Click here for the Santa Barbara area restaurant guide. It's sorted by cuisine, and includes candid reviews.


Still have questions?

Anything money-related: Claudia Gutierrez: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (805) 893-7989; fax (805) 980-3355

Anything else: Wendy Ibsen: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (805) 893-8527

Technical and educational staff services are possible through the generosity of the National Science Foundation through support via the NNIN.