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How to See Small Things: Part II

DNA Optical Transform Kit


This presentation is a product of the University of Wisconsin Institute for Chemical Education (ICE). Included in your kit is a presentation manual with directions. For further information please check here.




In this presentation you will be simulating X-Ray Diffraction.



Included in your kit is a diffraction slide with patterns, one red laser, one green laser, and one mini-Maglite (source of white light).



Follow the directions provided in the manual to test the diffraction slide.



Notice the difference between each square of the diffraction slide. Reference the manual for further information and optional activities for your class!

DNA Optical Transform Kit

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This presentation meets the following California Science Standards:

Physical Science

  • K–4: Properties of materials can be observed, measured, and predicted
  • 5–8: Structure and properties of matter
  • 5–8: Physical principles underlie biological structures and functions
  • 9–12: Atomic and molecular structure
  • 9–12: Motions and forces

Investigation and Experimentation

  • K–4: Scientific progress is made by asking meaningful questions
  • 5–8: Ability to conduct scientific inquiry
  • 9–12: Formulate explanations by using logic and evidence


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