RET 2009: Marilyn Garza

Marilyn Garza
Intern: Marilyn Garza
Mentor: Demis John
Faculty: Dan Blumenthal












Curriculum Overview

Computer chips are made layer by layer from the bottom to the top. It is akin to constructing an office building floor by floor with the caveat that all the plumbing, ventilation and electrical systems have to be installed as each floor is created. Thus each layer in the design requires not only careful planning, but multiple assembly processes as well to make sure that one layer is connected properly to the next.

The labs below will help students understand some of the challenges encountered while making semiconductor chips and waveguides, both of which are found in electronic circuits, and how materials are sculpted on a small, (nano)scale.


Curriculum Developed:

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Lesson 1: Small Scale Stenciling: Mask Lab
Lesson 2: Small Scale Sculpting: Etch Lab


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