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This program will engage 4 middle school, high school and community college science teachers from within commuting distance of UCSB in an intensive 7-week experience of real-world nanotechnology research and curriculum development at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) campus. No prior scientific research experience is necessary. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply. This program is open to US citizens and permanent residents. We are eager to support you in your professional development goals.

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Summer Experience 2014:

Program Dates: June 16 - August 1

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*All day orientation and introduction to nanoscale science and technology workshop

**The last week will focus on curriculum development.

Please note: Due to the intensive nature of the program, you can NOT miss days or even hours. No exceptions. If an unavoidable, extreme emergency happens, then that time will need to be made up.

  • Participate in a 2-day introduction to nanotechnology, where you will manipulate and learn to use tools for nanotechnology research.
  • Explore one aspect of nanotechnology research under the guidance of a mentor.
  • Practice presenting your research experience for a national conference. Weekly meetings will serve to guide you in translating your research experience to activities in the classroom.
  • The final week of the summer experience is dedicated to curriculum development.
  • The NNIN will buy up to $1000 in classroom materials (per teacher).
  • Participants of this program will periodically interface with other RET programs on the UCSB campus.


School-Year Follow-up

Teachers will be required to:

  • Refine the lesson developed for the classroom and use it with his/her students
  • Create YouTube video highlighting a part of the lesson
  • Attend 1 day workshop to prepare for NNIN NSE workshop
  • Participate in NNIN RET Wiki
  • Present at NNIN NSE Workshop at an NNIN site

Each host site will:

  • Provide 3 days of support for continued refinement of the instructional unit and classroom support/coaching for incorporating the teaching module in the classroom
  • Maintain communication with participants through e-mail, NNIN RET Wiki, and NNIN RET Facebook page
  • Help record YouTube video of lesson highlight
  • Host a follow-up meeting (on a day which will not remove participants from the classroom)
    • view each other’s videos and provide constructive feedback
    • share their classroom lesson experience and provide feedback
    • suggest modifications to the NNIN RET program
    • prepare for the NNIN NSE Workshop


NNIN Nanoscale Science and Engineering Professional Development TBD

  • 1 week sharing your experience on a national stage at the NNIN Nanoscale Science and Engineering Professional Development Workshop. This workshop will be held at one of the four NNIN RET sites and focus on area science teachers and community college faculty. At this workshop, RET participants will present their nanotechnology-focused classroom lessons and meet fellow NNIN RET participants.

  • Become an NNIN Teacher Ambassador in Learning and Education in Nano-Technology (TALENT), whose members (across the country) will serve as leading educators in nanotechnology.


Stipend*: $5,300
does NOT include the amount that NNIN will contribute for curriculum materials or for travel.

Participants give permission for the NNIN to post, distribute, and use curriculum materials developed through this program for educational purposes. All developed materials will be tied to state and national standards.

Are you already inspired by a particular concept and would like to develop it further? We can take this information and find a research project that would complement your goals.


Other Benefits:

  • Professional Development Credits will be awarded
  • $1000 of additional funds will be provided for materials for particpating teachers' classrooms
  • We will pay for particpants' travel expenses to send them to the workshop


Please click here for an application for this year's RET program.

To apply, please complete the application & return by April 1, 2014 EXTENDED to May 2, 2014 to:

Samantha Cruz, NNIN Education Programs Coordinator
ECE Dept,
UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara
, CA 93106-9560

Samantha Cruz

Phone: (805) 893-5999

Fax: (805) 893-7210

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Technical and educational staff services are possible through the generosity of the National Science Foundation through support via the NNIN.