Tools and Instrumentation Activities


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Nanofabrication Processes: Small-scale Sculpting and How It Is Used

Portable Photolithography

Hiding Behind the Mask: Resist-ance is Useful

Silicon Implants

A Billion Switches On A Tiny Chip Small Scale Stenciling: Mask Lab Small Scale Stenciling: Etch Lab Wet Etching Process used in Nanotechnology

Waveguides: How computers talk to one another
Lesson 1: Refraction Tank

Lesson 2: Gelatin Waveguides (Inquiry-based)
Lesson 3: The Bending Radius of an Optical Fiber

Waveguide and Power Loss

Understanding Wave Motion

Lines on Paper

Understanding Scanning Probe Microscopes (SPM) Teacher's Guide Student Worksheet Size and Scale: Conversions
Nanofiltration: What affects the Purity of Water? Water Filtration and Nanoparticles
How can Nanoparticles move from Land to Ocean? (Runoff) Can Small Pollutants Harm Aquatic Organisms? Can We Absorb Nanoparticle Pollutants? The NanoSounds of Music
Part I, Introduction to Sound
Part 2, Analog Recording Part 3, Digital Recording Part 4, Atomic Force Microscopy

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