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Quantum Dot Demonstration


Included in your kit is a guide with directions and information on how nanotechnology is involved.





In this demonstration you will explore how material acts differently when its particles are nanometer-sized!


Each vial contains particles of different nanometer sizes. Each LED light is a different color, meaning they have different wavelengths.



Start by shining the red light onto each vial. You may point the light directly at the vials or hold them underneath to illuminate from the bottom.



What do you notice? Is this what you expected?



Now start shining the other lights of smaller wavelengths at the vial.



What do you notice about the lights of smaller wavelengths? What do you see in the center of the vials?


What's going on? Check the guide here.

Quantum Dots

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This demonstration meets the following California Science Standards

Physical Science

  • K–4: Properties of materials can be observed, measured, and predicted
  • 5–8: Structure and properties of matter
  • 5–8: Physical principles underlie biological structures and functions
  • 9–12: Atomic and molecular structure
  • 9–12: Waves have characteristic properties
  • 9–12: Motions and forces

Investigation and Experimentation

  • K–4: Scientific progress is made by asking meaningful questions
  • 5–8: Ability to conduct scientific inquiry
  • 9–12: Formulate explanations by using logic and evidence



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