REU 2012


School Mentor Faculty

Field of Study

Rachel Baarda University of Utah Sukumar Rajauria Andrew Cleland Physics Nanoparticle Sorting in a Label-Free Electronic Microfluidics System
Dash Bodington Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Steve Brown David Awschalom Physics Production of Solid State Spin Qubits
Isidro Calderon Jr. Santa Barbara Community College
Jeremy Law
Mark Rodwell
Mechanical Engineering Correlation Between Surface Morphology and Hall Mobility in AlGaAs/GaAs (111)A Heterojunctions
Marcos Echeverria California State University San Marcos Anthony Megrant Andrew Cleland Physics Resonators for use in Quantum Computing
Kyle Guess University of Southern Mississippi Avantika Sodhi Luke Theogarajan Electronics & Optical Devices Integration of Embedded CMOS Chips for On-Chip Optical Communication
Ryan McMorris

University of Washington

Borzoyeh Shojaei
Chris Palmstrøm
Chemical Engineering
Transport in Near-Surface 2-Dimensional Electron Systems
Christopher Nakamoto Beloit College Sam Beach Luke Theogarajan Chemistry Fabrication of a Ion Selective Ion Pump: Aluminum Oxide Membrane Anodization
Justin Norman University of Arkansas Alan Liu Art Gossard Chemical Engineering InAs Quantum Dot Laser
Caroline Yu Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art Brian McSkimming James Speck Electrical Engineering Carbon Doping of (10-11) GaN by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy (PAMBE)


Technical and educational staff services are possible through the generosity of the National Science Foundation through support via the NNIN.