If you've been confirmed as a summer intern,  congratulations!

Getting to Santa Barbara

Let us know how you will travel to UCSB (car, plane, train, etc).
Airfares are quickly rising, so if you will fly here please let Wendy Ibsen: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (805) 893-8527 know by Friday, April 3rd via the survey sent to you:

  • Departure Date: Monday, June 1, 2015
  • Departure Airport (from your home/school)
  • Preferred Departure Time (early morning, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, late evening)
  • We will handle the flight to convocation at Cornell University; so don't worry about that.
  • Return Date: Thursday, August 13, 2015
  • Return Flight Airport
  • Preferred Return Departure Time

Convocation will not be over until the evening on Wednesday. Plan to leave after that (allow 2 hours before your flight leaves to arrive at the airport). You will present at a mandatory poster session at Convocation, which has historically been on Wednesday.

You may e-mail me a preferred itinerary. There will be no changes to the ticket once booked. If changes must be made after booking, it will be the responsibility of the participant to cover the additional costs and associated fees.

We will book and pay for the airline ticket in advance and send you an electronic ticket.

If you drive to Santa Barbara, the reimbursement rate is 56 cents/mile. You will be reimbursed at a maximum of $800.00—this includes mileage, lodging, and meals for the shortest route between your house and UCSB. If you will drive, please let me know.



Travel Records

If you drive to UCSB, please record (so you can be reimbursed mileage):

  • the number of miles between your house & UCSB (so you can be reimbursed mileage)
  • your license plate number

If you incur expenses along the way, such as lodging and meals, keep those receipts, too. The maximum you can be reimbursed for meals is $64 per 24-hour period.

If you fly: You are traveling on an electronic ticket. I will email you your flight information once the ticket is booked. Please email me if you need for me to resend it.


Flight Information

  • Check in at least 1.5 hours before takeoff to give you enough time to pass through airport security.
  • No food is served on the flights. Bring your own or buy it at the airport. Keep your receipts.
  • Flight times are local times. Please reset your watch upon landing.
  • You may wish to bring ear plugs for the small flights—especially if you fly from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara.


Getting to the airport

If you drive to the airport, please write down & bring with you:

  • the number of miles between your house & the airport (so you can be reimbursed mileage)
  • your license plate number

If you take a taxi, bus, metro, or other public transportation, keep the receipt(s).

Please keep meal receipts incurred during travel, too, and bring them to orientation.


Bring to the airport

  • flight itinerary
  • student ID card
  • a photocopy of your insurance card
  • a copy of the forms to fill out and sign for orientation
  • cell phone with my cell number on it or a phone card
  • driver’s license for flight and hotel check-in
  • anything on the “what to pack” list (you can find it here)
  • Go to the website of the airline that you will use and review the security handouts for details on what you can carry on and what must be checked in. Many airlines will charge for checked baggage, so please plan for that and keep your receipts


If your flight is delayed and you need to find a hotel

Call Wendy on her cell phone (even if it’s late.)


Getting from the Santa Barbara Airport to the hotel

There is a free shuttle between the airport and the hotel. Just call the hotel when you arrive: (805) 967-3200. If you don't have a phone with you, then:

  1. Go to the baggage claim
  2. Dial the extension on the free phone that corresponds to the Best Western South Coast Inn
  3. They will send a van out to pick you up (free) and take you to the hotel anytime between 7:30 am – 10:30 pm.

If you arrive to the airport outside of those hours, then:

  1. walk out of the baggage claim
  2. turn left, follow the side walk until you see taxis
  3. take a taxi
  4. save your receipt (you’ll be reimbursed) and bring it to orientation.


Checking in to the hotel

The room is reserved under your name.


Getting reimbursed

Travel reimbursements will be processed once the program has completed.

For mileage reimbursement, you will need to provide  the mileage, AND a Google map that shows and justifies the amount of mileage you are requesting to be reimbursed for.

Please fill out the form below, sign it. Then, tape your original receipts to pieces of blank paper (so they don't get lost).

Be sure to fill out the domestic travel worksheet clearly. If it is hard to read, it can delay your reimbursement.

Although the worksheet states to list your EIN#, do not do this, leave that field blank.

Please print a copy of all documentation before sending it through the mail. This is a safeguard measure just in case the original receipts are lost in the mail.

Then, send it to Claudia Gutierrez, using one of these options:

  • drop it off at her desk in Engineering Science Building 1109F
  • or mail it to her at the address below:

Please mail original receipts and reimbursement requests to:

Claudia V. Gutierrez
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California, Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9560

If you have any questions about your reimbursement request that is not answered here, you may call Claudia at 805-893-7989 or email her at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Technical and educational staff services are possible through the generosity of the National Science Foundation through support via the NNIN.