Dry Etching

(RIE, ICP, Plasma Etching)

We have several systems at the nanofabrication facility for doing dry etching of a variety of materials:

  • RIE and ICP for etching silicon, oxides, nitrides, and various metals
  • Chlorine-based RIE and ICP for etching a variety of metals, silicon, and compound semiconductors
  • III-V compound semiconductor etching expertise: Arsenides, Phosphides, Nitrides, and Antimonides
  • system with a heated wafer chuck allows efficient etching of high Indium composition compounds in chlorine, overcoming some limitations of typical methane-hydrogen-argon (MHA) processes
  • MHA process for etching III-V and II-VI semiconductors
  • Dedicated Bosch process system for deep-vertical etching of silicon for MEMS and through-the-wafer applications. We allow non-traditional stop-etch layers and masks in this system.

Many of the systems are characterized for particular etches to give users a good starting point for process development.

Below are links to various etching processes and results using our systems. Particular recipes cannot be transferred to systems of different configuration or manufacturer since chamber geometry, chamber materials, and chamber components can all affect the plasma composition.


Links to Recipes are a Work in Progress

III-V Compound Semiconductor Etching

II-VI Compound Semiconductor Etching

  • ZnS-ZnSe (MHA based)

IV-IV Compound Semiconductor Etching

Silicon Etching

Silicon Oxide and Nitride Etching

  • Silicon Oxide Etching (Fluorine-based)
  • Silicon Nitride Etching (Fluorine-based)

Other Dielectrics

  • Titanium Oxide (Fluorine-based)
  • Sapphire (Fluorine-based, Chlorine-based)
  • AIN (Chlorine-based)

Other Materials

  • Photoresist Ashing
  • BCB etching/Ashing
  • Polyimide etching/ashing


Technical and educational staff services are possible through the generosity of the National Science Foundation through support via the NNIN.