Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) 2010

REU Group 2010


Field of Study
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Rob Guzzon Larry Coldren Engineering Material Characterization for Advanced III-V Semiconductor Nanophotonic Integration
University of Texas at Tyler John Franck Song-I Han Chemistry & Biochemistry Selective Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) of NMR Signal Inside Nanoscale Vesicles
University of Texas at Austin Jock Bovington John Bowers Electrical & Computer Engineering Fabrication and Characterization of Quantum Well Lasers integrated with SiO2
Pennsylvania State University Ashok T. Ramu John Bowers Electrical & Computer Engineering Characterization of Materials with Epitaxially Embedded Nanoinclusions for Thermoelectric Applications
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Evan Lobisser Mark Rodwell Electrical & Computer Engineering Fabrication and Electrical Characterization of Nanoscale Near-TeraHertz Transistors
Rice University Ryan Meschewski Megan Valentine Mechanical Engineering Designing Nano-engineered Substrates to Probe Cell Organization,
Motion and Traction Forces

Technical and educational staff services are possible through the generosity of the National Science Foundation through support via the NNIN.