Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) 2004

REU Group 2004

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Field of Study
University of Pennsylvania Brian Thibeault Evelyn Hu Engineering Nanometer-Scale Lithography Using an Atomic Force Microscope
University of Arizona Zuruzi Abu Samah Noel MacDonald Mechanical Engineering Biomaterials in Microsystems: An investigation on the effect of parent Ti microstructure on the morphology of nanostructured titania
Pomona College John Kaeding Shuji Nakamura Materials Morphological evolution of AlN thin films grown on 0001 sapphire by metal-organic chemical vapor deposition, and its affect on deep UV AlxGa1-xN light emitting diode performance
Lehigh University Dimitris Stroumpoulis Matt Tirrell Chemical Engineering Spreading of Cells on Supported Peptide Amphiphile Bilayer Membranes
Oregon State University Miikka Kangas Phil Lubin Physics Far Infrared Detectors, Metal Mesh Filters, The Big Bang and Cosmology
University of Illinois at Urbana Raja Jindal John Bowers Engineering Optical Readout of MEMS-based Infrared Detectors
University of Washington
Michael Winter
David Clarke Materials Investigation of Novel Thermal Barrier Coating Materials By Minimum Thermal Conductivity
CUNY at Baruch
Grace Brannigan
Frank Brown Chemistry Simulations of simplified cell membranes
Cornell University
Jenny Andrews
David Clarke Materials Surface Functionalization of Inorganic Nanoparticles for the Self-Assembly of Nanocomposites
Southern University
Kohl Gill
Mark Sherwin Physics Quantum Computing via Single Charges in Self-Assembled Coupled Quantum Dots


Technical and educational staff services are possible through the generosity of the National Science Foundation through support via the NNIN.