RET 2007: Richard Moore

Richard Moore
Intern: Richard Moore
Mentor: Demis John
Faculty: Dan Blumenthal








Curriculum Overview

Light can bend when it travels from media having one optical density (or index of refraction) to another. In the Slinky® vs. Snaky® lab, students understand how light waves interact with matter. The Jell-O® Waveguide and Power Loss lab simulates how fiber optic cables transmit electronic data (such as email). Students learn how light transmits through an optically transparent medium, such as a fiber optic cable or a waveguide. They learn how to measure the energy transmitted through a waveguide and that a waveguide can be bent and still contain light.


Curriculum Developed:

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Slinky® vs. Snaky®
Jell-O® Waveguide and Power Loss

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